Hampden Estate announces 8 Marks Collection set

Hampden Estate announced their 8 Marks Collection set at Whisky Live Paris on 26 September. If you’re a lover of funky, fruity Jamaican rums this is a set you’ll probably want to look for.

You may remember hearing rumors about this set in early August, when an announcement was accidentally posted early to Hampden Estate’s Facebook page and then deleted once excited discussions started in rum forums.

Hampden Estate’s announcement of the set
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Trying a new theme that’s hopefully easier to read

A quick admin note.

I set this blog up with only minor customizations so that I could stop bikeshedding and just start writing. I chose a minimal theme and just got on with it.

Now that there’s some content here, I’m trying to make sure it’s easy to view and search. I’m also playing with a new theme that adds some flexibility (like sidebar menus) the original one didn’t have.

Rolling barrels at a tour of ISC’s Kentucky Cooperage

Independent Stave Company is the world’s largest barrel company, and their Kentucky Cooperage in Lebanon, KY is the world’s largest cooperage. And let’s not forget that a key requirement for bourbon whiskey is that it be aged in new, charred oak barrels. So you might be surprised to learn that the Kentucky Cooperage isn’t on the official Kentucky Bourbon Trail, even though it plays an absolutely critical role in bourbon. So I had to visit and take a tour as part of my distillery roadtrip.

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When in Bardstown: Drink at Talbott’s Tavern

How could I resist stopping in for a drink at the Talbott’s Tavern, the world’s oldest bourbon whiskey bar while I was staying in Bardstown on the distillery roadtrip? There’s also a restaurant, but I thought it would be more fun to go to the bar, where I could try whiskies that weren’t available in Singapore (that’s a long list, unfortunately).

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Enjoying the breeze at Bardstown Bourbon Company

We’ve now come to the Kentucky portion of my distillery road trip. I’ve been to Kentucky many times in my life, but this is my first trip into bourbon country. And I’ll never forget the first breath I took when I stepped out of my car in the Bardstown Bourbon Company parking lot. There’s nothing like the sweet smell of aging bourbon, and I had a huge grin on my face as I walked across the parking lot to the distillery. Now you know what I meant by the title – enjoying the breeze!

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A hot take on the Old Fourth Distillery sale

This morning I saw that Atlanta’s Old Fourth Distillery has hired a consultant to try and broker a sale. It’s sad to see but not terribly surprising. This is actually the second Georgia distillery to go on the market this month – Savannah’s Ghost Coast distillery is also up for sale through the same consultant. You can read (and see) more about what I saw at O4D this summer if you’re not familiar with them.

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Beer and whiskey at Corsair’s Marathon taproom and distillery

After a disappointing unplanned stop at another tasting room, I really needed a beer. Fortunately Corsair Distillery’s Marathon location was able to help, as they have sixteen taps of beers (and ciders) from Nashville craft breweries in addition to their own spirits! This is the next stop on the roadtrip.

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