This is a collection of various reference material I’ve collected and maintain.


What’s going on in the beer/wine/spirits world in various locations around the world..

Bottle Releases

  • Guide to Scotch Malt Whisky Society bottle codes. This includes all numbered mainline SMWS release families, including non-malt-whisky lines such as gin, rum, Armagnac, etc. I believe this is the most up-to-date and accurate listing.
  • Renaissance Rum releases. This is a Google Sheet containing information about the Taiwanese distillery’s known releases. I get this information directly from the bottle labels the distillery posts online.
  • Foursquare Rum releases. This is a Google Sheet with details about Foursquare’s known releases. The focus is on ECS, private releases, and Velier bottlings. The tabs for Real McCoy, RL Seale, and Doorly’s are very incomplete and rarely updated.
  • Hampden Estate Endemic Birds releases. You guessed it, this is another Google Sheet with details of these Velier releases.


  • Alcohol policies for American freight forwarders. This is a Google Sheet that reviews the policies of most freight forwarders in the US towards sending alcohol. This focuses on shipping alcohol to Singapore, but if you’re in another country it’s worth checking this list as well as the information might work for you also. Now that I’m back in the US this may not get updated as often as it used to be – but I’m happy to make updates!
  • Hampden Estate Great House Blend Components. An attempt to track the components that go into each year’s Hampden Estate Great House blend.