Updates: Foursquare and Renaissance releases

I’ve updated the release history for Foursquare rums. It can be found on the References page. The highlights:

  • I’ve hidden the tabs for brands that I really don’t put effort into updating (nor do I want to) — RL Seale, Real McCoy, Doorlys, etc. There’s no point in me keeping those visible when they’re not complete or kept up to date and I don’t know anyone who’s really interested in tracking those.
  • The Private Releases tab has been reformatted. A section for Clifton Hall releases has been added, as well as one for what I’m calling “Limited Private Releases”, usually 1-3 bottle outturns that are intentionally very rare and designed to support a charitable cause. These have hand-drawn calligraphy labels.
  • The Velier tab has been reformatted and updated. Missing information (like casks) has been added, and a few releases that were missing age info have been updated. I also clarified that release quantities don’t include VSGB bottles, only the main release.

I’ve also updated the tracker for Renaissance Rums and added/updated labels that were published since the last update in early November. There’s also a very minor update to the SMWS bottle code sheet, I updated the distillery name for 158 (Yuza Distillery).

All of these are linked from the references page. If there are any updates or corrections I should make, please let me know!

Update: References to Foursquare, Renaissance, and Hampden Estate releases.

I’ve maintained Google Sheets that track releases from Foursquare, Renaissance, and Hampden Estate for a few years, and today I’ve updated them and added links to them from the References page on this site:

  • Renaissance Rum bottlings. Renaissance is a rum distillery in Taiwan that’s famous for the volume of information on their labels. This is a collection of that information in a Google Sheet.
  • Foursquare releases. We all know Foursquare in Barbados, this is primarily a tracker for their ECS and private bottlings as well as releases from Velier. There are tabs for Doorly’s, Real McCoy, and RL Seale but those aren’t complete or updated, and I may eventually just delete them. Ignore them unless you’re willing to help me make them more accurate.
  • Hampden Estate Endemic Birds bottles. Velier began releasing a series of Hampden Estate rums across three marques several years ago, the labels highlight different birds that are native to Jamaica. Because people really like collecting things, many in the rum community have sought these bottles out. Unfortunately, many online lists are incomplete or inaccurate (including Hampden Estate’s own list on their site). I’ve tried to make this as complete as possible based on bottles sold at sites like Rum Auctioneer and various retail sites.

These lists are probably missing information and I’d love updates. Especially if you can cite sources/bottle labels to confirm the information.