Updates: Foursquare and Renaissance releases

I’ve updated the release history for Foursquare rums. It can be found on the References page. The highlights:

  • I’ve hidden the tabs for brands that I really don’t put effort into updating (nor do I want to) — RL Seale, Real McCoy, Doorlys, etc. There’s no point in me keeping those visible when they’re not complete or kept up to date and I don’t know anyone who’s really interested in tracking those.
  • The Private Releases tab has been reformatted. A section for Clifton Hall releases has been added, as well as one for what I’m calling “Limited Private Releases”, usually 1-3 bottle outturns that are intentionally very rare and designed to support a charitable cause. These have hand-drawn calligraphy labels.
  • The Velier tab has been reformatted and updated. Missing information (like casks) has been added, and a few releases that were missing age info have been updated. I also clarified that release quantities don’t include VSGB bottles, only the main release.

I’ve also updated the tracker for Renaissance Rums and added/updated labels that were published since the last update in early November. There’s also a very minor update to the SMWS bottle code sheet, I updated the distillery name for 158 (Yuza Distillery).

All of these are linked from the references page. If there are any updates or corrections I should make, please let me know!