Apologies for the outage..

Apologies for the almost month-long outage of this site. If you’re one of the three people who read it, you might have noticed that it’s been down since 30 May. The outage itself is due to a botched upgrade while the length of the outage is due to my being preoccupied with things at home (no drama, we’re still renovating/improving our house and it takes a lot of time).

The site is back as you can see, and I’m setting up alerts that will let me know if it breaks again in the future so I can fix it quickly.

I’m working on a slew of new articles. Most are still in early draft stages, but they range from an article (or series of articles depending on how it works out) musing on the whisky bar as an institution and the lack of them in Georgia to more distillery visit reviews. I recently returned from a trip to the Louisville area and made several visits while there.

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