Upcoming US Rum Releases of Interest — April 2024

Here’s a new list of upcoming rum releases for the US market compiled from TTB label certifications approved in March 2024. These are only label approvals recorded at the US TTB, so none of these are likely to be available yet and it’s anyone’s guess when they might appear in stores.

This doesn’t include every rum label approval, I’ve tried to triage the approvals to the brands that people would recognize, while also including other labels that might be interesting and excluding spiced/flavored products and most cachacas.

The TTB approved 86 rum labels in total this month, 21 are covered here (22 if you count releases with less than 1% ABV).

This month’s highlights include the oldest rum ever released, Foursquare Magisterium, more Alambique Serrano Oaxacan rums, new labels from Thomas Tew and Angostura, and a Madeira rum from O Reizinho bottled by Raising Glasses.

You can find the March 2024 release of this report here.

Alambique Serrano

Cartier 30, Approved 12 March 2024.

This is named after the 1771 Cartier scale for measuring alcohol content/liquid density. Some distillers in Mexico still use hydrometers with the Cartier scale, even though this has been considered obsolete for well over a hundred years. Trivia: Cartier hydrometers were traditionally calibrated to the temperature of 10 Reaumurs. In case you don’t have a thermometer that uses Reamurs handy, that’s 54 F and 12.2 C (or 285.4 Kelvin to be complete). If this is at all interesting to you, there’s more here.

Single Cask 21 La Sociedad, Approved 12 March 2024.

Single Cask 22 Otto’s High Dive, Approved 12 March 2024.

A single cask released for Otto’s High Dive in Orlando, Florida.

Single Cask 24 Cloud Forest, Approved 12 March 2024.


Founder Reserve, Approved 28 March 2024.

Grand Reserve, Approved 28 March 2024.

5 YO Superior Gold, Approved 28 March 2024.

El Dorado

Aged 5 Years, Approved 14 March 2024.


Magisterium, Approved 20 March 2024.

This is the 26th release in Foursquare’s Exceptional Cask Selection series.

Raising Glasses

Atmosphere 20,000,000,000,000 YO MUSS marque Earth, Approved on 1 April 2024.

By all accounts this is the oldest rum to ever hit the US market. Look, this report was supposed to come out around April Fools’ Day, and including this as an official release would have actually been funny then. Sorry..

Ethereal 3 YO Cane Juice from Portugal, Approved on 1 March 2024.

This is agricole rum from O Reizinho distillery in Madeira, Portugal. Before sending me hate mail over me calling this agricole rum, please note that EU regulations officially allow rum produced from cane juice on Madeira to be labeled as agricole rum. And that Raising Glasses doesn’t mention the term anywhere on the label (even though they could).

Ecuador 2018 for Boston Rum Social Club, Approved 27 March 2024.

Thomas Tew

Small Batch Rum, Approved 1 March 2024.

Other Releases

Botran Rare Blend Guatemalan Oak, Approved 21 March 2024.

Brugal Edition 2, Approved 11 March 2024.

There’s no additional information as to what this might be. There’s an additional label for the front that says “EDITION 2” and a neck wrap with Brugal branding.

Crossfire Hurricane Tour ’24 Hackney Diamonds Special Edition, Approved 12 March 2024.

This is the Rolling Stones’ new celebrity rum brand. It’s unclear if anything is different about this blend aside from the label saying it’s a tour special release.

Frigate Reserve 8 YO, Approved 4 March 2024.

Frigate Reserve 15 YO, Approved 4 March 2024.

Frigate Reserve 21 YO, Approved 4 March 2024.

Galvez Victory, Approved 29 March 2024.

This is a new brand from Louisiana Distilleries in Jackson, LA.

Galvez Founder’s Limited Edition, Approved 29 March 2024.

Created with GIMP

Status, Approved 20 March 2024.

I know nothing about this rum at all other than the importer/bottler has ties to the World Whiskey Society. I’m including it in the report because you don’t see much rum from Moldova (I can only think of one other). “Five Times Distilled” on the label doesn’t give me much hope though.

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