Upcoming US Rum Releases of Interest — May 2024

Here’s a new list of upcoming rum releases for the US market compiled from TTB label certifications approved in April 2024. These are only label approvals recorded at the US TTB, so none of these are likely to be available yet and it’s anyone’s guess when they might appear in stores.

This doesn’t include every rum label approval, I’ve tried to triage the approvals to the brands that people would recognize, while also including other labels that might be interesting but excluding spiced/flavored products and most cachacas.

The TTB approved 134 rum labels in total this month, 62 (!!) are covered here. Last month only had 21 for comparison.

This month’s highlights include: Well, it’s just a huge list of good releases! Rolling Fork, a new Mount Gay, a suite of single-variety cane charandas from Uruapan, Raising Glasses, new brands from Japan and Mexico, more Alambique Serrano releases, Kuleana, a slew of Planteray releases, and a little ranting about the uselessness of TTB type categories for rum at the very end.

Alambique Serrano

Single Cask 23: Californios, Approved 17 April 2024.

Single Cask 25; El Cerrito, Approvved 17 April 2024.

Single Cask 26: Miranos, Approved 17 April 2024.

Blend 5: El Boxeador, Approved 17 April 2024.

Cartier 30 Batch 09-23, Approved 18 April 2024.

Not posting a photo, this was seen in last month’s report. I assume this is an update or correction to that label. Batch numbers are the same.

Single Cask 28: Mambo de Cana, Approved 17 April 2024.

Single Cask 27: False Idol, Approved 17 April 2024.


Single Barrel Texas Rum, Approved 18 April 2024.


No. 5 Reserva Oro, Approved 26 April 2024.


Ominira 2010 Vingate, Approved 12 April 2024.

El Dorado

20 YO Bourbon/Madeira Sweet Cask, Approved 27 April 2024.

20 YO Bourbon/Ruby Port Cask, Approved 27 April 2024.

20 YO Bourbon/Sauternes Cask, Approved 29 April 2024.


20 YO Panama, Approved 23 April 2024.


Nani, Approved 29 April 2024.

Mount Gay

Single Estate Release 24|02|Vi18d2, Approved 3 April 2024.


Sail No. 1 Mister Fogg Navy Rum, Approved 4 April 2024.

Stade’s Beach Vat No. 1, Approved 22 April 2024.

Jamaica 1984 40 YO Clarendon MMW, Approved 24 April 2024.

Barbados 2016 Amarone Cask, Approved 24 April 2024.

Barbados 2018 Saint-Estephe Cask, Approved 24 April 2024.

Fiji 2004 Choya Cask, Approved 24 April 2024.

Fiji 2007 Ferrand Cask, Approved 24 April 2024.

Fiji 2019 Coffee Liqueur Cask, Approved 24 April 2024.

Guyana 2011 Ferrand Cask, Approved 24 April 2024.

Jamaica 5 YO Curacao Cask, Approved 24 April 2024.

This is an undisclosed Worthy Park.

Jamaica 2017 VRW Kentucky bourbon cask, Approved 24 April 2024.

12 YO Land Selection Blend Moscatel Cask, 24 April 2024.

Panama XO Marsala Cask, Approved 24 April 2024.

Paraguay 2019 Kyro Rye Whisky Cask, Approved 24 April 2024.

Spain 2012 PX Sherry Cask, Approved 24 April 2024.

Trinidad 2011 Kopke Port Cask, Approved 24 April 2024.


Privateer New England White Rum, Approved 29 April 2024.

Reserve Small Batch Blend, Approved 12 April 2024.

Navy Yard 4 YO Cask Strength, Approved 12 April 2024.

Queen’s Share 4 YO Cask Strength, Approved 12 April 2024.

Raising Glasses

Ethereal 3 YO O Reizinho Madeira, Approved 18 April 2024.

6YO Ecuador Rum for Florida Rum Society, Approved 9 April 2024.

Rolling Fork

Small Batch: The Wheated Cask Wonder, Approved 17 April 2024.

Single Cask 14 YO Fiji, Approved 17 April 2024.

Santa Teresa 1796

Triple Aged Solera Rum, Approved 2 April 2024.


Blanco Cana Criolla, Approved 22 April 2024.

Blanco Cana Cristalina, Approved 22 April 2024.

Blanco Cana Mayari, Approved 22 April 2024.

Blanco Cana Mexicana, Approved 22 April 2024.

Blanco Cana Morada, Approved 22 April 2024.

Other Releases

El Pintor Blanco Oaxacan Rum, Approved 18 April 2024.

Aohara Organic Agricole, Approved 26 April 2024.

This is from Japan and is made from organic sugarcane juice. Note that they’re the ones calling it agricole, not me so please no hate mail! It sounds a little like an unaged rum on the label (though nothing about aging is stated), but it’s classified as a “gold” rum in the label approval.

Uuji, Approved 29 April 2024.

The label doesn’t say much. The request says it’s a “gold” rum, but TTB type/classes for rums are meaningless and unenforced.

Granalta, Approved 25 April 2024.

This is a new brand made from cane in Michoacan, Mexico.

Yavapai College Southwest Wine Center, Approved 16 April 2024.

This is a release from the Southwest Wine Center at Yavapai College in Arizona. The focus there appears to be on educating winemakers, but perhaps there’s a nascent distilling program as well? It’s interesting that they’re releasing a rum and not a brandy.

Star & Key Mauritius Rum Cask 15, Approved 26 April 2024.

From Distillery Labourdonnais.

Cotton & Reed White Gold, Approved 9 April 2024.

The back label notes: “White Gold deftly demonstrates a rum nerd truism: color can’t tell you much. Despite the pale appearance, this young rum packs some surprising barrel influence”

Cotton & Reed 2 YO Queen’s Share, Approved 9 April 2024.

Cotton & Reed Single Barrel Rye, Approved 15 April 2024.

Smuggler’s Reserve Sherry PX Cask Finish, Approved 22 April 2024.

This is sourced from Foursquare.

Dos Maderas 5+5 PX, Approved 1 April 2024.

Guajana 106, Approved 12 April 2024.

Adding to the two labels approved in February, here are two more.

Guajana 108, Approved 12 April 2024.

Guajana Founders, Approved 29 April 2024.

Aukai Distillery Aukai Spirit Reserve, Approved 16 April 2024.

This gives new meaning to the phrase “phoning it in”. Their label submission was approved with cellphone screenshots instead of actual label images. The application was filed by JLA Distillery in Clermont, Florida but the spirit is from Hawaii. Other than saying they use the “finest ingredients”, there’s no additional information on this rum on the label or website, so no clue if it’s cane or molasses based.

Humboldt Distillery Silver Florida Rum, Approved 12 April 2024.

Why did I post this rum? Scroll down..

I was amused to see a distillery in California releasing a Florida rum. I have no idea what this actually means, the TTB doesn’t really say what this means, though there are two codes for Florida Rum (one is white, the other is gold and we can go down the rabbit hole on how meaningless these categories are another day). TTB regulations state that the rum class has no types underneath it, and I haven’t been able to find any more information for what a Florida Rum is supposed to be, so hey, why can’t a California rum be a Florida rum? Maybe the Florida Craft Spirits Association should start a campaign promoting Florida Rum as what rums from other states want to be when they grow up?

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