Upcoming US Rum Releases of Interest — January 2024

Here’s a new list of upcoming rum releases for the US market compiled from TTB label certifications approved in December 2023. These are only label approvals recorded at the US TTB, so none of these are likely to be available yet and it’s anyone’s guess when they might appear in stores.

This doesn’t include every rum label approval, I’ve tried to triage the approvals to the brands that people would recognize, while also including other labels that might be interesting and excluding spiced/flavored products and most cachacas.

The TTB approved 49 rum labels in total this month, 15 are covered here.

Apologies for this report being much later than usual, I’m trying some methods of automating it but sadly it didn’t work out this month. I’m also collecting additional data on releases that I’m putting into a database for future trend analysis and reports. Will and John at The Rumcast gave me that idea in their 2023 year-in-review episode when they mentioned that it’s very difficult to get useful statistics on rum releases. Hopefully I can help to fill that gap. I’m also slowly working backwards to add releases from previous years to the database. And the database will contain all label approvals for all rum products, including flavored rums, cachacas, rum specialties, and other releases that I don’t include in these monthly posts.

This month’s highlights include more releases from Alambique Serrano and the 2024 Black Tot Master Reserve.

You can find the December 2023 release of this report here.

Alambique Serrano

Single Cask #18 La Cima, Approved 7 December 2023.

Blend #3 Matadiablo, Approved 13 December 2023.


We saw both of these last month, but they were re-filed again on 1 December. I didn’t pore over the labels to see if anything changed, but I assume there’s a minor change that needed to be made.

Cane Blossom Mizunara, Approved 4 December 2023.

Volcanic Cane Peated Whisky Cask Finish, Approved 4 December 2023.

Black Tot

2024 Master Blender’s Reserve, Approved 18 December 2023.

Chairman’s Reserve

2011 Vintage, Approved 21 December 2023.


White Rum 101 Proof, Approved 1 December 2023.


Gran Reserva Cognac-finished Guatemala, Approved 18 December 2023.

It’s interesting that Costco puts “BOURBON CASKED” front and center on the label, and then the mention of cognac finishing is on the side.

Mount Gay

Eclipse Navy Strength, Approved 14 December 2023.

This is already on the market, and at a quick glance I don’t notice any big differences between this label and the one in stores, but I’ll look more closely later.


Letter of Marque, Alden & Harlow and The Longfellow Bar White Rum, Approved 7 December 2023.

Other Releases

Dos Maderas Luxus, Approved 28 December 2023.

Misa Imports Martinique for Philippe’s Wine Cellar, Approved 20 December 2023.

Ology Small Batch White Rum, Approved December 2023.

I’m including Ology’s new releases here because there’s been some talk about them in some rum groups over the last year. While these three releases use Guatemalan molasses, the interesting things they’re working on involve locally harvested sugarcane. Hopefully those will make it to market soon, though I understand they’re very limited quantity releases as their distillery staff hand harvest the cane, and they can only cut so much.

Ology Dendrochronology Double Oaked Rum, Approved 19 December 2023.

Ology Bog Body Peated Scotch Cask Aged, Approved 20 December 2023.

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