Hampden 8 Marks Collection Tasting at Whisky Live Singapore

Note: I started typing this in late 2021 before the collection was released. It’s since been released, and I’ve added a section at the end with release details. I’m publishing it today and leaving the first part of the article as-is, so you’ll see it referred to it as an upcoming release.

There’s been a lot of excitement around the upcoming Hampden Estate 8 Marks Collection release from Velier next year, but very few sightings and tastings of the actual set. Fortunately, Velier sent the great Daniele Biondi to Whisky Live Singapore in November, and I was able to taste the set at his Hampden masterclass!

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Hampden Estate announces 8 Marks Collection set

Hampden Estate announced their 8 Marks Collection set at Whisky Live Paris on 26 September. If you’re a lover of funky, fruity Jamaican rums this is a set you’ll probably want to look for.

You may remember hearing rumors about this set in early August, when an announcement was accidentally posted early to Hampden Estate’s Facebook page and then deleted once excited discussions started in rum forums.

Hampden Estate’s announcement of the set
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